Usage of I am back

This app is an application that sends a message to the phone number registered by SMS when your child returns to the location where you registered the location information.
Please use this to check when a small child has returned home or has gone to school.


The first time, please turn on the location service for this app to use, [Settings] > [Privacy] > [Location Services]
Then tap this app's [setting] and please enter your child name and destination phone number.
Next, tap the “Get location information” button at the house to memorize the location of the house.
If you use WiFi at home and your child's smartphone also uses WiFi, turning on Use WiFi will increase the accuracy of recognition that your child is back home.
In that case, the app will not recognize that your child is back if they are not connected to WiFi when they return home.
Please tap [Save] button after you finish the setting.
After returning to the main screen with "Back", set how many minutes later to detect when your child returns home.
If you tap "Start" and start right away, the moment you tap "Start" at home, it will be "I'm home".
After tapping "Start" and entering the house within about 30 meters after the set time, this app is recognized that your child has returned home.
When the app recognizes that your child has returned, the "Messages" app is displayed and is ready to send.
The measurement ends when the "Messages" app is displayed.
The next morning, tap the "Start" button again.